Cherub Tree SA

Getting Started

Our One Size Fits All (OSFA) nappies fit most babies from approx 3.5 kilos through to potty trained (approx 17 kilos). Each nappy has three rows of three snaps at the front of it – these are for adjusting the nappy from sizes small through to large....

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What are my options?

There are tons of different options available and loads of different brands, some of which are listed below...

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Cloth vs. Disposables

Cloth diapering is essentially a great economic decision, as it will save you loads of money, a great environmental decision, as you are not filling the landfills with harmful waste which takes between 150 to 500 years to decompose, and it’s fun!...

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Troubleshooting Guidelines

Have any questions or concerns, follow this link ...

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Washing Instructions

Follow these steps once you have received your fluff mail...

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